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As with all book-sellers, the offer of a book for sale should not be taken as an endorsement of its entire content. There is hardly a commentator anywhere, even among the very good ones like John Phillips or Harry Ironside, who will not occasionaly criticise the AV text. To dismiss them all, on that account, is to miss out on much else that is very good. Eat the meat and spit out the bones.


Studies in Galatians.  £7.95  M.R.DeHaanMD., Kregel, 1960, 183pp., paperback.

DeHaan Galatians

Dr. DeHaan wrote, “This Epistle to the Galatians was written to the Gentiles in Galatia who had believed the Gospel. But the message is as much needed, and even more, in these days of a mongrel gospel of grace and law.” Twenty-two studies.


His Last Words. £7.00  Henry Durbanville, B. McCall Barbour, 1954, 97 pp., hardback.

 Mr. Durbanville depicts in graphic style, the details of the last evening of our Lord's earthly life, and unfolds with spiritual discernment, the wealth and wonder of the Master's last words.


Expository Discourses on the Book of Genesis. £13.00. (Cover not as shown)  Andrew Fuller, Forgotten Books, Orig. 1836, Modern reprint, 384 pp., paperback.

Gen Discourse A.F 


Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was a Particular Baptist ministering in England. Though I do not share the basic tenets of reformed Calvinists, their devotional and expositional skills can sometimes be a great blessing. This is a helpful commentary. (07/16)


A Comment on Ruth. £10.00  Thomas Fuller, Forgotten Books, Original 1650, 213 pp., paperback.

 Ruth T.F


"Lit up with flashes of his irrepressible wit." Spurgeon.


The Contemplations of Bishop Hall. £22.50   Joseph Hall, Tentmaker Publications, 2009 (Originally 1860), 602 pp., hardback.

        Bishop Hall        

"Need I commend Bishop Hall's Contemplations to your affectionate attention? What sound sense! What concealed learning! His style is pithy and witty...and has a sacred unction about it..." C. H. Spurgeon. "Though weak, I often spent two hours in my evening retirements and prayed over my Greek Testament and Bishop Hall's most excellent contemplations." George Whitefield. Hall was born in 1574, on the heels of the Reformation. Like others of his day, he appears to have a Calvinistic view but this is not a disraction. Like his contemporary, John Trapp, he is devout, plain, powerful and memorable. This is a big book, almost A4.


Commentary on the Whole Bible.  £55.00  Matthew Henry, Hardback, 6 Volumes, Boxed.

     Matt Henry      

Every minister ought to read Matthew Henry entirely and carefully through once at least.” Spurgeon. Chiefly a devotional commentary. 


The Book of Jonah.  £7.00  James W. Knox. 1997, 138 pp., paperback.

 Jonah Knox

"The first volume of the Christ-Honoring (sic) Commentary Series takes the reader through the four chapters of Jonah with a line for line, and in some cases word for word, exposition of the text."


The Book of Malachi. £10.00  James W. Knox, 2010, 317 pp., paperback.

 Malachi Knox

This text is a must. Consider it God's News for Modern Man. You should read this for yourself and give one to someone you love; the sooner the better. 


The Book of Titus.  £7.00  James W. Knox. 2001, 191 pp., paperback.

 Titus Knox

"The fourth volume in the Christ-Honoring (sic) Commentary Series began as a term paper in a Pastoral Epistles course, lay in a file cabinet for two decades, and now emerges to deal with the ministry, church life and personal holiness."


The Book of Zechariah.  £8.00  James W. Knox. 1998, 261 pp., paperback.

Zech Knox

"The second volume of the Christ-Honoring (sic) Commentary Series tackles what many believe to be the most difficult book in the Bible. verse by verse and word by word exposition will give the reader insight and understanding into the literal truth of this portion of prophetic scripture."


Commentary on Galatians.  £9.50  Martin Luther, Kregel, 1979, 388pp., paperback. (Cover not as shown).

      Gal Luther 

“This is an outstanding, doctrinally sound, comprehensive commentary. The verse-by-verse exposition offers penetrating insights into Luther’s theology. It is also a careful analysis and clear presentation of Paul’s doctrine, written for all to understand.” A wonderful antidote to the modern subtle additions of various forms of works to the Gospel.


Commentaries by John Phillips.

John Phillips was an English preacher who studied, I believe, under Stephen Olford. He ministered in the U.S. for many years. His commentaries are based on the KJV with a few rare corrections to the text. I find them of great help in sermon preparation as, like Olford, he was very skilled in the 'art of apt alliteration.' They are devotional and exhibit a wide amount fo reading. Great for non-preachers too.

    Matt J Phillips   

Exploring Genesis. £13.50 Kregel, 379 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Psalms (Vol.1). £22.00 Kregel, 736 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Psalms (Vol.2). £22.00 Kregel, 704 pp., hardback.

Exploring Daniel. £12.00 Kregel, 287 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Minor Prophets. £10.75 Kregel, 341 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Gospel of Matthew. £16.00 Kregel, 560 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Gospel of Mark. £12.75 Kregel, 349 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Gospel of Luke. £15.50 Kregel, 304 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Gospel of John. £16.00 Kregel, 420 pp., hardback.

Exploring Acts. £18.00 Kregel, 528 pp., hardback.

Exploring Romans. £12.00 Kregel, 286 pp., hardback.

Exploring 1 Corinthians. £13.75 Kregel, 413 pp., hardback.

Exploring 2 Corinthians. £12.25 Kregel, 315 pp., hardback.

Exploring Galatians. £10.50 Kregel, 224 pp., hardback.

Exploring Ephesians and Philippians. £14.00 Kregel, 400 pp., hardback.

Exploring Colossians and Philemon. £10.25 Kregel, 265 pp., hardback.

Exploring 1 & 2 Thessalonians. £10.25 Kregel, 233 pp., hardback.

 Exploring the Pastoral Epistles. £12.50 Kregel, 457 pp., hardback.

 Exploring Hebrews. £10.50 Kregel, 204 pp., hardback.

Exploring James. £10.50 Kregel, 203 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Epistles of Peter. £10.75 Kregal, 319 pp., hardback.

Exploring the Epistles of John. £14.50 Kregel, 233 pp., hardback.

Exploring Revelation. £10.75 Kregel, 256 pp., hardback.


Gleanings from Elisha.  £10.00  A.W. Pink, Wakeman Trust, 2011 reprint, 254 pp., hardback.

Elisha Pink 

“The Gleanings volumes have all been reprinted many times. They continue to be of inestimable value to preachers… They also provide the very best personal devotional reading." Genesis cover for illustration purposes.  


Gleanings in Exodus.  £14.50  A.W. Pink, Moody Press, 1981 reprint, 384 pp., paperback. 

  Exodus Pink   


Gleanings in Genesis.  £13.00  A.W. Pink, Wakeman Trust, 2011 reprint, 378 pp., hardback.

Gen Pink   


       Gleanings in Joshua.  £14.00  A.W. Pink, Wakeman Trust, 2011 reprint, 522 pp., paperback.

Josh Pink   


The Life of David (Vols 1 & 2) £12.00 each.  A W Pink, Wakeman Classics, 2011, 382 pp., hardback and D.J.

David Pink   

“The Gleanings volumes have all been reprinted many times. They continue to be of inestimable value to preachers… They also provide the very best personal devotional reading.”


Commentaries by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.

All of Dr. Ruckman's commentaries almost unique inasmuch as the KJV text is never departed from. They are also almost unique inasmuch as his criticisms of modern scholars are often caustic. The former uniqueness makes him unpopular with modern translators and the latter makes him unpopular with many truly saved and sound brethren. Much very helpful commentary with the exception of the teaching regarding O.T. salvation by faith plus works. I include them because I use them myself and find them very helpful. The choice, of course, is yours!

The Book of Genesis. £17.00 paperback, £21.00 hardback.  BB Bookstore, 849 pp.

        Gen Ruckman           


The Book of Joshua. £13.75 paper, £19.00 hardback. BB Bookstore, 406 pp.

         Josh Ruckman           


The Book of Matthew. £17.50 paper, £22.50 hardback.   BB Bookstore, 906 pp.

    Matt Ruckman      

The Book of Hebrews. £14.00 paper, £20.00 hardback.  BB Bookstore, 444 pp.

                 Heb Ruckman                   


The Treasury of David.  £30.00 the set.  C.H.Spurgeon, Hendrickson, 1436pp., hardback. In 3 Volumes.

  David Treasury   

 Spurgeon’s own commentary on every verse of the Psalms is extremely insightful…You’ll find a wealth of illuminating extracts and quotes from hundreds of commentators– contemporaries of Spurgeon as well as the great Puritan expositors of the 17th and 18th C.”