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Sermons on the Prayer of Jabez.  £5.50  Stanley Barnes (Ed), Ambassador, 2002. 


What a wonderfully simple prayer and yet what a powerful one. Ten sermons including J. Oswald Saunders and C. H. Spurgeon.


The Luggage of Life.  £ 4.50  F.W.Boreham, Kregel, 1912, 246 pp, paperback.


“..thirty-two of Boreham’s keen reflections on both the everyday and extraordinary in life. “Life is largely a matter of luggage,” Boreham observes. “We bear each other’s burdens, we carry each other’s luggage. It is the law of Christ…”


The Book of Bible Problems.  £14.00  Gerardus Bouw, Association for Biblical Astronomy, 1997, 265 pp.


In this book, Dr. Bouw examines all (sic) of the difficult problem texts and many of the lesser ones too…Throughout, Dr. Bouw shows that God writes what he means and means what he writes. He concludes that the Holy Bible is the word of God and contains the very words of God, and he shows where those words may be found today.”  A very helpful book indeed.  


Sermons by Hugh Latimer Vol.1. £9.00  Hugh Latimer, Focus Christian Ministries, 1987, 551pp., paperback.


Hugh Latimer, one time Bishop of Worcester was a faithful preacher in the days of Henry V111 and Edward V1. He was burned at the stake in Oxford along with Nicholas Ridley in 1555 in the reign of Queen Mary.


Portraits of Christ in Genesis.  £8.50  M. R. DeHaan MD., Kregel, 1966, 192pp., paperback.


“…explores the lives of Adam, Abel, Isaac, Joseph, and other figures from Genesis as prophetic types of the life and ministry of Jesus.” Dr. DeHaan was an ‘old school’ preacher who loved to preach the gospel.


The Romance of Redemption.  £8.50  M.R.DeHaanMD., Kregel, 1958, 183pp., paperback.


“Some of the topics included in this devotional exposition are, “Israel Among the Nations,” “The Christian Debt to the Jew,” “The Pretribulation Rapture,” and “The Missing Bride.”


The Tabernacle.  £10.00  M.R.DeHaanMD., Kregel, 1955, 185pp., paperback.


Within the pages of this book, the three pictures of Christ, the believer and the plan of salvation are drawn with stimulating and expressive words to emphasize the message of  “Christ in us, the hope of glory.”


The Christian in Complete Armour. Volumes 1,2 &3. £ 6.00 per vol.  William Gurnall, Banner of Truth, 1986, 1025pp. total, paperback.


“I believe The Christian in Complete Armour …should be in the library of every man and woman of God. No Christian leader, teacher, pastor, evangelist, or Christian worker should be without it. I will forever bless the day it was placed in my hands.” David Wilkerson.


An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures (Vol. 1). £14.00
Thomas Hartwell Horne, Forgotten Books, 2012, (Original 1823), 650 pp., paperback.



This should be recommended reading in any decent Bible College. Chapter headings include, On the Genuineness and Authenticity of the Old and New Testaments, Direct Evidences of the Credibility of the Old and New Tesatments, Miracles, Prophecy, Internal Evidences of the Inspiration of the scriptures. See Bethany Publications below for extracts. Wonderful value at the above price.


Scripture Proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  (Extracts from Introduction to Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. £2.20  Thomas Hartwell Horne, Bethany Book Shop Reprints, 2012, 37 pp., paperback.

"It does exactly what it says on the tin."


On the Genuineness and Authenticity of the New Testament (Part 1 - External Evidence.) (Extracts from Introduction to Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.)£2.20 Thomas Hartwell Horne, Bethany Book Shop Reprints, 2012, 40 pp., paperback. 

Some very able arguments from the Bible answering modern atheistical and pseudo-Christian tosh about Bible corruption.


T.U.L.I.P. and the Bible. Comparing the Works of Calvin to the Word of God.  £6.90. Dave Hunt, Berean Call, Oregon, 2012, 191 pp., paperback.


"Quoting from the major Calvinistic creeds or confession (including actual citations and context from the Canons of Dort and the Westminster Confession of Faith), Dave hunt proceeds to dissect the "sacred" T.U.L.I.P. one petal ata time - exposing each of Calvin's five points to the light of Scripture as a workman rightly dividing the word of truth."


Four Views of Christ.  £5.50  Andrew Jukes, Kregel, 1966, 128 pp.


Originally published as ‘The Characteristic Differences of the Four Gospels.’ This is an edited edition. Whether the editing does justice to Jukes’ usual expository richness the reader must judge.


A Sure Foundation.  £7.00  James W. Knox. 2002, 207pp., paperback.


A book for believers and unbelievers. Written to make the God of the Bible known and understood. Over twenty attributes of the Lord are explained with plenty of scripture references to support each statement.


The Book of Genesis.  £10.75  James W. Knox. 2004, 459pp., paperback.


“366 daily readings providing insightful exposition, extensive outlines, seed thoughts and devotional essays on the book of Genesis.


New Testament Survey.  £10.00  James W. Knox. 1994, 245pp., paperback.


“An overview of each of the twenty-seven books of our New Testament, pointing out their key doctrines, peculiar emphasis and devotional highlights in addition to providing a wealth of sermon and study material.”


Old Testament Survey.  £12.00  James W. Knox. 2006, 435 pp., paperback.


“An overview of each of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament pointing out their key doctrines, peculiar emphasis and devotional highlights in addition to providing a wealth of study material.”


Search the Scriptures. 156 in-depth Bible Studies.  £10.00  James W. Knox. 2012, 348 pp., paperback


"This book contains the outlines and studies prepared by Brother James from which many of the courses in the Deland School of THE BIBLE are taught. Inside you will find lessons on John, Romans 9-16, Proverbs, Philippians, Colossians, Genesis 3, Hebrews 11, 1 Thessalonians."


The Humanity of Christ. £8.00  James W. Knox. 2009. 298 pp., paperback.


"With clarity and close attention to detail, Brother James takes the reader through the many fascinating doctrinal and spiritual wonders connected with the Son of God becoming the Son of Man. You will be greatly blessed as you read and learn about the great mystery of Godliness - God was manifest in the flesh."       


The Law and Rightly Dividing the Word Reconsidered.  £10.00  James W. Knox. 2009. 298 pp., paperback.                     


“In clear language, with full scriptural support, the truths regarding law and grace, Israel and the Church, the three kinds of men, the two advents of Christ and many other vital subjectsare explained for the reader.”


The Lost Cause Series £8.00,  James W. Knox, 2005, 285 pp., paperback.




 "Biblical truths that carnal Christians do not want to hear. What the Bible says about such matters as Racism, Music, Santa Claus, Home schooling, Proper clothing, Birth Control and more.


The Spirit World.  £12.00  Clarence Larkin, CLE, 1921, 158pp., cloth.


Subjects include, the Underworld, Satan, Fallen Angels, Demonism, Soul-sleep, Intermediate state, Judgements etc. With charts and pictures.


Rightly Dividing the Word.  £14.00  Clarence Larkin, CLE, 1920, 328pp., cloth.


“This book rightly divides the Fundamentals in a series of contrasts, as Law and Grace, Faith and Works, Standing and State …etc. It contains the cream and meat of the Author’s sermons and Bible lectures for thirty years, and is illustrated with 55 charts and diagrams.”


Luther’s Ninety-five Theses.  £ 1.75  (Smaller copy £ 0.75)  Martin Luther, edited by S.J. Nichols, P & R , 48 pp, paperback.


The document said to mark the beginning of the Reformation, nailed by Luther to the cathedral door in Wittenburg; chiefly a protest against the Romanist practice of the sale of indulgences.


The Psalms – Bible Readings.  £5.50  F.B. Meyer, Ambassador, 184 pp, paperback.


“In palace halls, by happy hearths, in squalid rooms, in pauper wards, in prison cells, in crowded sanctuaries, in lonely wilderness – every where they have uttered our moan of contrition and our song of triumph; our tearful complaints and our wrestling, conquering prayer.” F. B. M.


Sit, Walk, Stand.  £3.00  Watchman Nee, CLC, 1957, 67 pp., paperback.


“An inspiring look at Ephesians and the believer’s association with Christ, the world and Satan.”


Secret Power.  £3.25  D. L. Moody. Whitaker House, 1997, 144 pp., paperback.


“Receive spiritual guidance, Obtain freedom from discouragement, Live in the perfect peace of Christ, Have perpetual joy, Win others to Christ, Minister in the power of the Spirit, Know the love of Christ.”


The Days of Noah. (Extracts from Earth's Earliest Ages) £2.20 G. H. Pember, Bethany Book Shop Reprints, 2012, 40 pp., paperback.

Two excellent and relevant chapters from Pember's famous book. Of particular value is his list of seven notable features of the pre-flood apostasy. The reappearance of the same seven phenomena is undoubtedly portentous. 


Classic Counsels.  £4.00  C.H.Spurgeon, The Wakeman Trust, 2003, 126 pp


Eleven extracts from sermons by C. H. Spurgeon.


The Awesome Alls.  £4.00  Lehman Strauss, Ambassador, 1998, 95pp., paperback.


“Having heard about Dr. Strauss, and having read many of his books, we looked forward to his visit to Northern Ireland with anticipation. The series he took for the week was entitled, ‘The Alls of Scripture.” Night after night, preaching to eager congregations, Dr. Strauss warmed our hearts.”


The Plagues of Egypt. £6.00   Colin Tyler, Stephen White Books, 135pp., paperback. 



A. W. Pink observed that there was a paucity of biblical commentary expounding the spiritual meaning of the plagues which God sent upon Egypt as described in the Book of Exodus. Hopefully, this work adresses somewhat that lack. This is not a prophetic study but more a practical one.


Chapter headings include:


Ch. 1. The Thesis.
Ch. 2. Unclean Movements - Rivers to Blood.
Ch. 3. Unclean Ministers - The Plague of Frogs.
Ch. 4. Unclean Millions - The Plague of Lice.
Ch. 5. Folly - The Plague of Flies.
Ch. 6. The Servants of Corruption - The Murrain.
Ch. 7. Dishonour - The Plague of Boils.
Ch. 9. Famine - Hail and Fire.
Ch. 10. The Rulers of Darkness - The Plague of  Locusts.
Ch. 11. Deception - The Plague of Darkness.


This title can also be obtained from the publisher, Stephen White Books, via the Amazon web-site through direct on line order at £7.00 plus post.



Classic Sermons on Jesus the Shepherd.  £5.00   Warren W. Wiersbe, Kregel, 1994, 160pp., paperback.


Includes ‘The Good Shepherd’ by George Whitefield, ‘The Sheep and Their Shepherd’ by C.H. Spurgeon and ‘The Shepherd King of Israel’ by Alexander Maclaren. Thirteen sermons.


If I Perish, I Perish.  £6.00  Major W. Ian Thomas, Capernwray Hall, 1967, 118pp., paperback.


A first class exposition of the book of Esther with particular reference to the battle between flesh and spirit. This is fresh and lively exposition of a kind rarely met with in modern pulpits. Very helpful.


The Saving Life of Christ/The Mystery of Godliness.  £8.00  Major W. Ian Thomas, Zondervan, 1961 & 1964, 281pp., paperback.


Two separate titles in one cover. The first expounds the Scriptural teaching concerning victorious and fruitful living through the indwelling power of the Lord Jesus. The second powerfully sets forth the true nature of Godliness. Unusually perceptive and stirring. 


Shadows of Redemption.  £6.50  C.H.Waller, Gospel Folio Press, 1999, 173pp., paperback.


“Whatever Mr. Waller writes is worthy of the most careful reading. We place his name upon the list of our most favoured authors, and recommend ministerial brethren to read everything that he has written. At any rate, all of his that we have ever seen has delighted and instructed us.” C.H.Spurgeon.


The Names on the Gates of Pearl.  £6.50  C.H.Waller, Gospel Folio Press, 1997, 154pp., paperback.



The Path to the City of Gold.  £7.10  C.H.Waller, Gospel Folio Press, 1998, 171pp., paperback.




The Silver Sockets.  £6.50  C.H.Waller, Gospel Folio Press, 1998, 160pp., paperback.



Bible Characters – People from the New Testament.  £11.50  Alexander White, Christian Focus, 2000, 480 pp, hardback.


“[This] well-researched compendium of biographies has been of great use to pastors, study group leaders and others for about 100 years. It is the most well respected source of material ever published for understanding the characters involved in the events of the Bible.”



Classic Sermons on World Evangelism.  £5.00  Warren W. Wiersbe, Kregel, 1994, 160pp., paperback.


Included among the eleven sermons here are: ‘The First Preaching at Antioch’ by Alexander Maclaren, ‘Witnesses’ by G. Campbell Morgan and ‘A Quest for Souls’ by George W. Truett.


Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly? Clearly Attested Facts Showing That the Destructive Assured Results of Modern Scholarship Are Indefensible.£5.00  Robert Dick Wilson, Kessinger 1994 reprint, (Original 1921), 62 pp., paper. (Not the cover shown).


“Professor Wilson had a plan, carefully worked out during his student days in Germany, under which he proposed to spend fifteen years in language study, fifteen years in Biblical textual study in the light of his findings of his studies in philology, and then, God willing, fifteen years in writing out his findings…He became conversant with some twenty-six languages in these years devoted to language acquisition.” If it’s scholarship you want, here it is.