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  1. Even among men who hold to the King James Bible there is doubt about its inspiration. Some say that they do not believe in double inspiration, as they call it. The answer is a doddle! Let the doubter consider carefully the following text.

    "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..." 2 Tim. 3:16.

    If the English Bible is not inspired, then it is not scripture! If the English Bible is not inspired, there's hardly an English speaking Christian on earth who has a copy of the scriptures because ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God.

  2. There is great confusion in the real church regarding the truths of prophecy. Is there such a thing as the rapture of the saints? Wil the church go through the tribulation? Will the rapture be pre, mid or post-trbulation?

    I am not going to answer all the above here but there is one essential truth without which all must remain error or confusion. It is a truth which was probably first denied by the Roman Catholic Church with the denial continuing among Protestants even after the Reformation.

    Here it is - God will restore the nation of Israel! Not merely save Jews into the body of Christ, but restore Israel nationally. This is so abundantly clear in the Old Testament prophets and the Psalms and elsewhere and yet is hid from the eyes of multitudes of preachers.

    Get it right and you will begin to make sense of prophetic truth both in the OT and in the NT. Get it wrong and you had better keep it simple and just preach the gospel, assuming, of course, you have understood at least that much.